In this portfolio I´m showing a selection of work I´ve done in the past. It includes both personal projects and things I´ve done for my studies.

Website Bed & Breakfast en Atelier

I've made two websites for my parents using the Drupal CMS. The first one I made is for their Bed & Breakfast. There's information about the different rooms, bookings and nearby touristic places. The second one showcases jewelry and gemstones made in the workshop and there's information about different courses in goldsmithing.


During my internship at Ivendo Marketing Groningen I designed a magazine for the company that shows their blog posts. They wanted to publish their blog posts in a physical magazine. They wanted the design to be predefined so they could easily add more content.
I also worked on many different Wordpress websites and webshops. When new functionality was required by the customer I'd look for a Wordpress plugin, test it and then write a manual for the owner of the website.